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Writing and Published Works 

'Contact/less and its Myths' Feeeels Magazine, (Pending Publication)

‘Rethinking Culture: The History of São Paulo’s Casa Do Povo’, Radical Art Review, (June 2023)

‘Contact/less Exchange’, Flat Journal, (Dec 2021)

'Measures of Closeness: The Contactless Condition', Platform Austria Reader for 17th Venice Biennale (2020). Co-written with Ofri Cnaani.

Contactless Reader, eflux, (May 2020). Co-written with Ofri Cnaani.

‘The Architecture of Brechtian Cybernetics', Footnotes, IF publication (Sept 2018)


Speaker, ‘Pedagogy of the Oppressed’ Left Book Club Panel, (Feb 2021)

Presented paper, ‘Contact/less Exchange and Pandemic Proximities’, Critical Finance Conference, Goldsmiths, University of London (Aug 2020) 

Presented Paper ‘4cm: The space of Contact/less Exchange,’ Intersections of Finance and Society conference, City University, London (Dec 2019)

Speaker, ‘Arts, Politics and Culture’ Youth Workshop, Demand the Impossible (Oct 2018) 

Speaker, 'Unless the Water is Safer than the Land' MA Research Architecture presentation, Sonic Acts Academy, Amsterdam, (Feb 2018)

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