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Sarah Vowden is an interdisciplinary researcher working within the realms of publication, film, workshop and performance. Through her MA in Research Architecture at Goldsmiths, University of London (2017-2019), she developed her research project Contact/less which explores the absence of touch in a contactless transaction as a way to reimagine micro spatialities of finance and the socio-sensorial conditions of capitalism. 


Sarah’s research explores themes of touch, care, finance capital, immateriality and technology, commoning and modes of radical economic redistribution. Often pivoting around her writings, Sarah’s research shifts in scales and seeks to embolden alternative languages of the sensorial and experiential to the logics of economic distribution. Through different pedagogical methodologies, Sarah is interested in crafting alternative retellings of economic organisation, ones that expand beyond the lexicon of the market, but are the real and imagined experiences of the body and the soft disciplining of neoliberal subjectification. 


Beyond her research practice, Sarah coordinates The World Transformed, a political education project in which she programmes events around the intersection of arts and radical political and economic imaginaries, and is a Senior Editor of the podcast TWTFM. She was Arts and Music Coordinator for The World Transformed festival in 2018. 

Exhibitions / Publications / Facilitation / Editorial / Conference Papers


Lead Producer, 'Debt' episode, TWTFM, September 2020  

Writer, An Architectural History of the Job Centre, 'Unemployment' episode, TWT FM, September 2020

Programmer and Facilitator, A Good Night Out Reading Group: DIY Community Centre’s, The World Transformed, September 2020 

Contact/less Exchange and Pandemic Proximities, Critical Finance Conference, Goldsmiths, University of London, August 2020

Co-writer with Ofri Cnaani, Contactless Reader, eflux, May 2020  

Co-writer, Consciousness Raising Under Lockdown Report , The World Transformed


4cm: The space of contact/less exchange, Intersections of Finance and Society Conference,  City University, London, December 2019

Common Sensing, MA Research Architecture Exhibition, September 2019


Facilitator, Demand the Impossible Workshop on Arts, Politics and Culture, October 2018

'The Architecture of Brechtian Cybernetics', Footnotes, IF publications, September 2018

Presenter, Unless the Water is Safer than the Land at Sonic Acts Academy, Amsterdam, February, 2018 

Workshop Lead and Facilitator, 'Imagining Radical Communities of Care: The AntiUniversity from London to Athens',  Antiuniversity, June 2018


MA Research Architecture, Goldsmiths University of London, Distinction (2017-2019)

BA Politics, Philosophy & Economics, Goldsmiths University of London, First Class Honours (2014-2017)

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